video work

2021 - demo reel 

accompanying film / animation for Bridget Mary Chappell's Fresh Waterfalls

full project details:

~ Undertow ~ 

Commissioned by the City of Melbourne

Vinyl released on Heavy Machinery Records



~ The accompanying video serves as an extension to the critical story telling of Undertow. This compositional extract, Bridget’s accompanying text, and the film’s direction speaks on the exploitative history of the Birrarung River through colonisation and how this force is still ongoing. The film continues Bridget’s process of data abstraction and subversion with a focus on Colonial cartographic iconography, illustration, and image creation. The bridge between past and present colonial efforts is represented with the evolving motif of the ornamental frame - a seemingly illustrative branding and beautification of settler cartography. Through this frame, we can see distortions (perhaps devolution) to the fidelity of it’s material and the geographical images it attempts to neutrally portray. ~

animation for Hextape: Toyota
Released on Anterograde


executed with:

Ghostello, and Maurice Galactica

terra - Naarm (the return to Bolte Bridge) - 2020


fundraiser for Bushfire Relief for Wildlife Rescue : AUD 375 donated <3

Performing Lineup:

- Bayard Cooper (live) w/ Performance by Ece Yavuz, Joe Newton-keogh and Miles Lee.

Choreography: Ece Yavuz

- Siri

- Negative Thought Pattern (live)

- Shiga Mioko

- Cypha (live)

- Hextape

- DJ Mum

- Voss

- surprise guest: Kétia (Lisbon)

no shutdown :)) (10:00pm ~ 11:00am)

track: Gooooose - Plasma Sunrise

SOI: event series (Event Promotional Vids)

w/: Ham Laosethakul                      ... until the next ... <3

WHOLE: event series (Event Promotional Vids)

w/: Jack Nelson


- Lee Gamble Melbourne 2019

sample credits; cited in film

AsiaTOPA: Sinofuturists 2020 (promotional video)

w/: Mat Spisbah :)

Lu Yang New Work Premier: "Delusional World" - 6th March 2020 - Federation Square

Alex Wang & Chill Chill - 26th March 2020 - Melbourne Recital Centre

Howie Lee & Teom Chen - 27th March 2020 - Melbourne Recital Centre

soi (4) : visuals in-situ feat. Ham

track id: Lensk - Strained

video for Roy Mills: Dissociation from LP:Hell Beckons For Ye Who Ain't Repenting

This album and all of its dedications are in direct support of the Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation & the Mogo Local Aboriginal Land Council.
All revenue raised will be split evenly between: Mogo Local Aboriginal Land Council (Mogo LALC): Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation: